The Burton Chronicles: Skillie

While on vacation, Nick and Claire Burton are traveling through the foothills of East Tennessee. They stop at an old cigar shop where they encounter an old woman, who while unknown to them, will release an ancient force whose sole purpose is to destroy the veil that separates the spiritual world from our own and set into motion events that will change their lives forever. 

The Burton Chronicles: The Guardians Coming Soon

In a black castle deep in the mountains of Transylvania an evil prince has captured the one man who knows the secrets of the Book of Adam; and with its power the dark prince will release the fallen angels that were cast out of heaven and bring about the enslavement of mankind upon the earth. Nick and Claire Burton have just discovered they have been chosen to be a part of a secret society known as The Guardians and must travel back in time and meet a young boy named Christian and his trusty friend Thomas, a wise and gifted mouse. Together the four unlikely heroes must, against all odds rescue the mysterious prisoner, find the Book and destroy the evil prince of darkness; will they succeed?










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